August 3, 2016

Annika Demasi

Annika is a Registered Psychologist and a full member of the Australia psychological Society. Annika has worked as a psychologist for over 28 years in a wide variety of industries and settings.

Annika has worked with individuals, couples, families and in workplaces. Clinical specialties include addressing depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, pain management, adjustment counselling, and anger/frustration management. Annika is particularly interested in assisting young adults.

With a background in injury management and mediation on complex issues in the workplace, Annika is well equipped to assist you with any aspect of a complex workers compensation and/or income protection claim. Interventions may include critical incident/trauma counselling, assisting the patient with coping strategies within the compensation system and even mediation with the employer to secure a healthy, beneficial outcome.

Warm and friendly, Annika is targeted in her approaches and uses various clinical models and frameworks to achieve agreed outcomes. Her goal is to equip individuals and/or organisations with enduring coping strategies and a positive outlook.